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Grid Name Description Products Feature Groups Features Store View Grid View
Solar Panels Detailed comparisons of popular solar panels 112 10 56
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About This Site

This site was built to record highly detailed product specifications that are easy to filter while also tracking pricing information for said products. Most links to purchase an item are monetized. While the utmost care has been taken to insure accuracy it is still recommended that you verify these specifications.

Using this Site

Products are organized into grids, depending on the type of product features are then further organized into feature groups. The filtering on this site is additive, so each filter chosen will refresh the result sent filtering down based on previous filters applied. Filtering can take a few seconds on very large grids.

Two views are currently available to view a grid. The store view is meant to serve as a familiar interface mimicking an online store. The grid view arranges the products in a table / cell grid that allows users to view products side by side based on the filtering applied to the grid. In either view individual product comparison is an option.

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